Human Hunt | Hidako & Bunny Boo 



It was lunch time again, thank goodness.

It’d been some time since she’d found her own place to settle up in this land of ninja. Fortunately, no one here knew her, so every low-scale crime she could commit would seem brand new and she’d accidentally initiated the second messiest thing she did for food and fun when she encountered a dark haired woman from the very village she was in at night.

The Witch was feeling a tad…peckish, so she tore her neck apart with her teeth and pulled her to the side of the rode to indulge in her red meat. It was particularly thrilling since she’d held off on eating humans for so long, so she even ate the bones. But, she couldn’t stop here. Days would pass and she would consume one person after another, day or night, and that when people started to notice; 27 people had disappeared in a week and a half. 

It warranted a search, whether or not all the “missing” persons were in one place. 

"Mmn, guess I’ll have to eat who ever finds me.."

And, someone might. Bunny Boo had erected her “home” in this realm on a hilltop to have some view of the lands she planned to rule over; really just a nice view, though.

"It’s been a week since "Unknown Kidnapper Bounty" has been plastered everywhere.. How long will it take? More importantly, how much is my bounty worth? It better be a lot.."

It’d probably be more if people knew the victims were being eaten alive.

Until that moment, though, it was near sunset and she had just grilled up her latest catch with some delectable sides. Now was the time to enjoy a delicious meal undisturbed, only accompanied by the sounds of end-of-the-day bustle from the village through the open, sliding glass door.

"Smells like life..~"

As of late, Kakuzu’s attention had been particularly drawn to one new target whose bounty had been steadily growing. Even more unusually, there was no face attached to the title, but the amount intrigued him (the greedy bastard). He’d done his research, dragging his reluctant, bored partner along with him, and eventually came up with a reasonable-sounding location for the target to be hiding in. Instead of attacking the suspect outright, he’d decided to lie in wait a little longer and study, to Hidan’s objections.

That led into another heated argument between Kakuzu and Hidan. Though they happened often, this time, it led to Hidan storming out of the crappy inn they’d been about to stay in and heading furiously out of the village. As she walked, she muttered various cusses underneath her breath, grumbling things that sounded like “'Not strong enough,' my ass," and "You’re the one who’s a fuckin’ idiot.”

"How’s it taste?" Hidan asked, making herself known as she stood suddenly in Bunny’s home, her back to the open doorway behind. Her gait was casual as she walked inside without waiting for an invitation. She slid a hand into her pocket and withdrew one of the rather vague bounty posters that had been plastered all over town. "Know anything about this?" She drawled and began to grin.

The Witch wasn’t jolted when a guest arrived unwelcome and unannounced, but continued to dine in silence until she was spoken to.

"Tastes amazing. A lot better than when raw; I like when there’s blood, but I’m sure I’d rather do without. I’ve got plenty left..and since you’re here, I’m open to sharing."

Shoving her mouth full of cooked, seasoned human meat, Bunny Boo opened her eyes, gazing upon the new face with the impossibly unclear bounty poster. If she had been in change of the print, it’d be a lot more detailed and ornate. Sure, she wouldn’t be giving away all information about herself, but she’d at least put care into helping people catch her. She was hungry.

"Such a lovely grin you have, guest. But, referring to the poster there. I know about it. They couldn’t manage a decent picture of my beauty, so they use that thing. Apparently, more than enough of a hint since you found me here.."

Posture was erected and chopsticks were set down, her demeanor seemingly about to become serious, but she only become more lax. Leaning back and propping herself up with her arms, sharing a toothy grin, it’s careless playfulness bordering on goading.

"So, you’re here looking for the missing people~?"

"I’d go after Kirito just hurt Asuna and Suguha. You know I would, but..he’s not cute enough or valuable enough to be worth the effort. It’s sad, really. So much isn’t there to be desired in a human… Anyway, time to focus on people who do matter~"

Coccapani Spring 2004 Details 

Coccapani Spring 2004 Details 



why do we need to watch the sky to enjoy the stars when the ultimate star is me



On how I play my muse, my writing, anything. Anonymous or not.

"I bet I won't die if I stab myself in the throat."

"Dude, I’m so sure you will~"

For all my roleplay partners:

Never hold your muse back. For real. If your muse wants to lash out at mine, or kiss mine, or tell mine a horrible secret, or slam mine against a wall — go for it. Don’t ever feel like I’ll get your reply and judge you or your muse. Your character has specific feelings, instincts, and desires, and if they want to do something, don’t hold them back. I want to roleplay with your muse in their entirety, the whole truth of your character, not a watered-down version. Never feel nervous — just let it happen as it happens, and it’ll all be great.

"So pick up lines; if I input, will you output? And then also: You turn my software into hardware."

"Of course I’ll output~ Haha~! I love the software-hardware one. You thought of my favorite techie pick-up lines~!"

Yandere Sentence Memes 


  • "Now hold still…"
  • "Stop screaming or I’ll use duct tape."
  • "They had it coming, they were too friendly with you…"
  • "No one will find us here."
  • "You’ll be mine forever."
  • "I’m going to kill him/her."
  • "I don’t like people touching my things…”
  • "Don’t bother to struggle…"
  • "Did you think I wouldn’t notice?"
  • "Your friends are too close with you… I don’t like it..”
  • "It’s for your own good."
  • "I won’t take no for an answer."
  • "Keep running, I like the chase!”
  • "It’d be a shame if your friend was hurt…"
  • "If you promise not to scream, I’ll remove the gag."
  • "Oops, did that hurt?"
  • "You can’t just keep me here!"
  • "I’m calling the police!"
  • "Stop threatening anyone I talk to!"
  • "You’re hurting me!"
  • "W-what are you doing?"
  • "Stay away from me!"
  • "You’re being so clingy, it’s weird."
  • "Let go of me!"
  • "Someone is bound to come soon, they’ll notice!"
  • "What are you planning to do with that?"
  • "Did you think I wouldn’t notice you watching me sleep?"
  • "You killed him/her!"
  • "Don’t hurt me!"
  • "Put that down!"
  • "You’re scaring me…"
  • "That’s a really bad joke, quit it…"