There is No Wonderland "υѕα-кσ"

Once upon a time, a Witch was born

By truly unnatural and unfortunate process

It was a wonder how she began existence at all, but the moment she died, it was too late to turn back. From the very beginning...


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The Witch needs to bully, to abuse, to take whatever makes a person strong…and have it kill them slowly and painfully.

She especially wants this to happen to Usagi Tsukino, buuuuuuuut..she’s down to rip on other people, too.

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I have tumblr saviored Nicki Minaj.

Pardon to her fans and my mutuals, but if you could please tag everything involving her? That’d be great.

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"Do you ever just crave someone’s presence? Like you would literally be happy just sitting next to them and it could be completely silent but for once everything would be okay."
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bunnybooisthebomb:The Witch appears to gawk at the tied up prince, and she stands uncomfortably close so as to slowly graze her nail down the back of his neck.



Ok, that was more ticklish than planned.

Who the hell are you.”

"Just a young girl..with large boobs and magical powers."

She was already close enough and he was tied up, to Bunny Boo took more liberties. Hair was gently brushed away from the man’s ear so she could press a gentle kiss to it before nibbling on his ear lobe.

"Most people call me Bunny Boo, though.."

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Send a symbol for a headcanon about my muse.


◎: What is your muse’s most prized mundane
possession? Why do they value it so much?

★: What is your muse’s idea of perfect happiness?
: Your muse is doing some intense spring cleaning. What is easy for them to throw out, and what is difficult for them to part with?
♠: What’s the worst thing your muse has done to someone they loved?
: In what situation would your muse feel most out of their comfort zone?
♣: What’s your muse’s biggest cause of stress or anxiety?
✚: What is the most frightening potential handicap or disfigurement your muse can conceive? What makes it so frightening?
✔: What did your muse want to be when they were a child? Did they go on to do this and if so, was it everything that they hoped it would be? Or has this desire changed since, and why?
❖: What is the attitude and appearance that your muse presents in public? How does this differ from the attitude they have in private, when they are alone?
✿: Which one act in your muse’s past are they most ashamed of? Which one act in their past are they most proud of?
➜: What sort of things does your muse keep in their pockets on any given day?
■: If one of your muse’s friends was asked to describe them in a handful of words for a profile on a dating site, what would they say?
: Who or what, if anything, would your muse die for or otherwise go to extremes for?
▼: What would you find in your muse’s refrigerator right now?
♛: If your muse had to die, how would they like to go? And if they could come back as a person or animal, what would it be?
❸: Name three things your muse considers themselves to be very good at, and three things they consider themselves to be very bad at.
❦: If your muse was having a nightmare, what would be the worst one that they could suffer?
♫: What is one thing that your muse thinks they are talented at, but actually aren’t?
♞: Who was your muse’s idol when they were growing up? Who did they first fantasize about being like?
✱: What is your favourite ‘happily ever after’ for your muse? And what’s your most unconventional ‘ever after’ headcanon for them (happily or otherwise)?
✦: What is your muse’s fondest childhood memory?
: What would be the perfect gift for your muse?
❤: What is your muse’s perfect romantic date?
: When and where was your muse happiest?
: If events in your muse’s life had gone very differently to how they did, what would they have done with their life? What sort of occupation might they have chosen for themselves and would they, in your opinion, be happier than they are now?
☢: If your muse knew that they were going to die in 24 hours, name three things they would do in the time they had left.
☠: What is the one thing for which your muse would most like to be remembered after their death?
✎: Growing up, did your muse have a teacher or mentor figure? What was their relationship like?
✄: How does your muse perceive themselves, both internally and externally? How does this differ from how other people may see them?
: Was your muse popular as a child? Did they have many friends, and are they still in touch/still aware of what they are doing with their lives now?
: What is your muse particularly unskilled at?
☯: Who, if anyone, does your muse consider to be their best friend?

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afterlifesoldier:"How did it go with the modeling agency?"

"The guy said to come in to do some headshots, since I don’t have any and it’s better to have them done professionally— like, it’ll be starting to build a portfolio, but if they have "the look" he knows a few places that’re looking for print models! So, if I hold myself well when I go in for the shoot tomorrow, I could be modeling for real really soon, Setsu-nee~!"

And the pinkette glomped the tall woman she was so grateful to.

"I am so glad you referenced this guy~!"

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